Jennie Larucci's front garden. Photo courtesy of Edwina Caruana

A brief review of the palms in Singapore

By Garry Daly

Click on the photo to read this interesting article with photos about some of the palms and gardens in Singapore

A brief look at the plants around Perth and the South West of Western Australia

by Garry Daly

Learn about the plants around Perth and the South West of Western Australia.  Click on the photo to access his article and photos

Tropical and Subtropical Plants for the Southern Sydney Basin

by Garry Daly

Learn about the plants Garry is successfully growing in Nowra.  Click on the photo to access his article and photos

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Tropica magazine is normally published three times a year and contains information on a wide range of tropical plants being grown in Sydney as well as items of interest to members about gardens visited elsewhere or plants growing in habitat. Selected items from past issues are presented on this page.

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Tropica No. 17  -  July 2009               To the caldera by Fred Moody .....4-7

                                                           Marantaceae, the Maranta family  by Ian Edwards ..... 12-17

                                                           Circestis mirabilis  by Ian Edwards ..... 18

                                                           Ancient palm seeds  ..... 19

Tropica No. 16  -  March 2009            Aechmeas by Greg Jones ...... 4-6

                                                            Experience growing Aechmeas by Norma Edwards ...... 6-8

                                                            New Caledonian palm name changes by Ian Edwards .....9

                                                            Arenga palms for Sydney by Ian Edwards ...... 10-14

                                                            Experiences growing Arengas by Greg Smith, Paul Anderson, Alan Collins ..... 15-17

                                                            Scadoxus multiflora by Norma Edwards...... 17

                                                            Our  Open Garden weekend by Brian and Jann Kennedy ..... 19-20

Tropica No. 15  -  November 2008     Ground covers by Fred Moody, Norma Edwards ...... 5-9

                                                           Small Cycads by Colin Wilson ......10-14

                                                           Beautiful rare Dypsis by Bill Beattie ...... 15

                                                           The gardens of Bali by Brian Kennedy...... 16-18

                                                           Cycas media on Hayman Island by Jennie Larucci ...... 19

Tropica No. 14  -  July 2008              Growing Bamboos in Sydney by Norma Edwards ......4-6

                                                          Experiences growing Bamboos by Anthony Hillin, Greg Jones, Alan Collins, Helen & Neil Curran .......6-9,19

                                                          Cycads, the forgotten garden feature by Colin Wilson .......10-17

                                                          Experiences growing small Cycads by Alan Collins, Fred Moody, Norma & Ian Edwards ....... 17-18